Friday, March 23, 2012

Some kind of update!

Hello All, this is Tia. I kinda hacked my mom's blog to give some kind of update to the world! When her last post was over a year ago, I decided that it was time I step in!
So a quick update!
She's busy trying to keep up with her kids and husband! She is still teaching piano lessons is helping out in Relief Society.
Rick: has exciting new prospects with his lab that he does on the side. He recently moved his lab to a new location and is working on several projects that will hopefully have wonderful outcomes :)
Presten: On a mission in Paraguay! He left in May of last year (2011) and is doing great! You can read his weekly emails and see pictures Here.
Naomi: has been busy with school, volleyball, choir, and this past week ran for Executive Student Council. She is so busy but still finds time to be amazing at the piano........and everything else!
Austen: just finished his freshman season of Basketball. During the season he was asked to play up on the sophomore team. He recently just got job working on a nearby farm. And he loves to ride horses.....and the motorcycle too. So crazy that he get's his license this year!
Larson: just started playing basketball on a border league team and is doing an awesome job playing defense! The year at school, he also decided to start playing the cello and he has caught on so quick! Before you know it he and I (Tia) will be playing duets! That will be so fun!

I know it's not much of an update but hey, it's something!
I'll try to get on my mom and support her in re-establishing her blogging again! thanks all! See ya!

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Josh & Ashli said...

yay I am SO glad someone started updating this thing! :)